Climate No Borders at COP15

During the COP15 summit we will have a No Borders convergence space, where people can plan, meet, create, eat, show films, debate, share ideas………. get involved!

join the organising list:


visit the facebook:  ‘Climate NoBorders’


 12th of December. No Borders bloc on ‘System Change not Climate Change!’ 

Starting in front of the parliament at 13:00 will march to the Bella Center, the venue of the UNFCCC COP15 summit. The demonstration is organized by a broad coalition of people, organizations, unions, political parties, peoples movements etc.

System Change – Not Climate Change….No to repression, no to the border regime….Freedom of Movement for All!

No Borders will join CJA, CJN! and the Danish-based Climate Collective (Klimakollektivet)  have decided to come together that day with the clear message that what we need is System Change, Not Climate Change!

 14th December there will be a No Borders day of action……No Borders! No Climate Refugees!details to be announced on Monday…

also,  “How to build a climate Justice movement from below” Reclaim Power discussion with Naomi Klein and launch of the Bike Bloc in the evening, at the Youth House.. come along and promote the message of No Borders

16th December:  Reclaim Power!   Creating alternatives and promoting freedom of movement for all…. ideas being developed.  get involved!

17th December, No Borders presence at the Klima forum…discussion and debates on No Borders in the context of the climate justice movement.


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